The essence of the BOLD Health Intensive Outpatient Programs is science.  Our evidenced-based curriculum was developed to have the strongest research behind our findings.  It's not just something we say, but the core tenant of our philosophy: only through continuous research and data driven analysis, can we tailor the program to each individual client.  At BOLD Health, we monitor all of our clients throughout treatment and even years post-treatment to ensure our outcomes last. 


Our curriculum was developed in partnership with Jon Frederickson, a world leader in the field of ISTDP and author of numerous books on the subject (to learn more about ISTDP and Jon Frederickson, click here).  The ten-week program is structured to bring clients to an awareness of the core issues miring them in addiction.  We confront the real issues holding you back, head on.  What comes out is perspective, awareness, growth, and ultimately, change.


The research team is led by Allan Abbass (website) and Ole Andre Solbakken (website, TED Talk ) two international leaders in ISTDP and authors of numerous studies.  They know what works and have the data to support it.  Our program expands on their previous research and incorporates their findings into the development of our Intensive Outpatient Program for addiction.  


Our goal is that this research will transform the way addiction is currently treated.   We are building a body of evidence for what actually works in the treatment of addiction; a field where good outcomes, hard science,  and accountability have been missing.   Why haven't we seen an approach like this before? Good Question.  It seems simple, but sometimes leading a new way, even taking a simple step, takes a revolution and that's why we're here.    



Ole Andre Solbakken