At BOLD Health we treat the human condition.  Our founders Kristy Lamb, MD and Chris Small, MD are both board certified in family medicine and psychiatry.  They have trained extensively in general medicine and psychiatry and understand the mind/body connection at the deepest level.  We focus on BOTH the biological and psychological underpinnings of mental health disorders. 

We understand that there are biological, genetic, structural and medical underpinnings to mental health and that these concrete characteristics of an individual that can be modified by medications, diet, exercise, sleep.  However, we are also extensively trained in psychotherapy and understand the imperative treatment of psychodynamics – how each of us learned to operate in the world and navigate our relationships, thoughts and feelings. 


  • Physicians (MDs) developed and involved in every aspect of the curriculum and therapy

  • Original TREATMENT curriculum developed by BOLD HEALTH DOCTORS ALONG WITH Jon Frederickson

  • We use hard science backed up with RESEARCH and empirical data, IT'S more than evidenced based – IT's REAL SCIENCE.

  • Integrity. We believe that we can transform client’s lives through our one of a kind treatment.  We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to work with our clients to overcome their addiction OR MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.