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Mindfulness.  Simply put - being present.   We live in a world where our minds get overwhelmed with constant stimuli that can often lead us to anxiety, depression,  and searching for an escape.   Email, family, work, mobile phones, social media - everything  seems to be screaming for our attention and all at the same time. What if there was a way to slow things down, to live the present moment and feel at peace? One way to reduce the clutter of the mind is through mindfulness meditation. Taking control of your mind through focus and breathing. 

Mindfulness-based meditation has been proven to dramatically reduce the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and overall feelings of stress.   It has also shown to help prevent relapses in recovery by focusing on the moment in front of you. Nothing else. 

Our Mindfulness groups are taught by Dr. Katie Hirst, MD.  Our groups cover a variety of mediation practice areas including: anxiety regulation, relapse prevention, and overall emotional fitness.  You will be guided every step of the way and taught at-home/daily methods to work on your practice outside of the group.  

All meditation groups are secular (non-religious).


MINDfulness for anxiety 

Mindfulness for Anxiety is an 8-week class that teaches mindfulness meditation skills to combat the feelings of overall anxiety.  This class teaches multiple techniques to use mindfulness in dedicated meditation practice, and to apply those skills to everyday life in an effort to recognize, decrease, and even eliminate the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of anxiety.  

Instructor: Dr. Katie Hirst, M.D.

Who is it for? Anyone struggling with anxiety and fear.

When: Contact Dr. Katie Hirst 

Contact: email k.hirst@boldhealthinc.com



Humans are built to have wandering, busy minds--this unique quality has helped us succeed as a species in many areas of life. That same busy-ness, however, can keep us from appreciating the smaller moments of daily life and make it hard to break out of autopilot.

Each class utilizes 2-3 short practices (10mins in first class, 30 mins by class 8), discussion of in-class and at-home experiences, and lessons about anxiety and emotions based on psychological theory to help the student identify autopilot patterns and develop a personalized meditation practice.

When: New Sessions start every 4 weeks, please contact BOLD Health or Dr. Hirst for dates

Where: BOLD Health, 561 Saxony Place, Suite 101, Encinitas, 92024

Cost: $400 per session (8 classes)

Contact:Katie Hirst, MD (760) 840-3717 or k.hirst@boldhealthinc.com

Register: email k.hirst@boldhealthinc.com