Dr. Kristy Lamb, MD

Dr. Lamb’s treatment philosophy starts with creating “sacred space” - a physical and mental place where each client feels safe and emotionally supported in order to work in concert with her to achieve their wellness goals.  Dr. Lamb focuses on the art of emotional healing by using compassion, coupled with her clinical expertise, to guide her clients toward unlocking their full potential.  

At the heart of each clinical encounter is a personal relationship founded in respect and individualized care.  

Board certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatry from UC San Diego, Dr. Lamb is well versed in the most cutting edge, evidence based, psychopharmacology, but as importantly, she pursued further training in psychodynamic psychotherapy with a belief that for many, psychotherapy is an integral part of personal transformation and healing.

Dr. Lamb started her training as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience.  She went on to obtain a master’s degree in humanities with a focus on philosophy and social theory from the University of Colorado, further exploring the human condition.  However it was in medical school at Georgetown University that the inseparable connection between mind and body became clear to Dr. Lamb and she realized that to fully treat her patients she would need to be adept at understanding not only their physical needs but their emotional, social and spiritual needs as well.  She pursued combined residency training in both family medicine and psychiatry in order to care for her patients from a “whole person” perspective. 

She subsequently completed a fellowship in community and public psychiatry at UC San Diego as well as the fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. 

Dr. Lamb is an Associate Clinical Professor at UC San Diego and specializes in providing care from an integrative perspective.  She specializes in psychopharmacology, intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy, addiction medicine, preventive healthcare, women’s health, maternal mental health, as well as primary care and mental health integration.