Addiction Consulting

What we are doing is revolutionary. We have started to change the entire addiction industry. Our curriculum, staff training, and our treatment programs are unmatched. We have the results and an international team of research specialists to prove it.

We currently contract with numerous residential, IOP and PHP level programs to provide assessments, manage detox, diagnose and treat dual diagnosis clients, and prescribe medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders.

Contracted services include:
Psychiatric assessment of new intake clients within 24 hours in the residential/detox setting, with most cases seen same day.

  • Medical staff travel to your facility to see clients, or clients can be seen at our facility in Encinitas.

  • Option is also available to assess clients remotely via a HIPPA compliant online format.

  • Weekly hours set aside for follow up visits with clients.

  • Lab work and urine studies ordered and reviewed by physicians

  • Co-morbid medical issues screened and assessed by physicians

  • Management of most non-emergency medical issues (hypertension, cough, sore throat etc) while clients are attending your program

  • Medically assisted treatments administered and prescribed, naltrexone and vivitrol for example. Suboxone managed by our clinicians if desired by your program.

  • On call for client issues and clinical coordination of care with your program staff

  • Our physicians are dually board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and the American Board of Family Medicine. We have extensive experience treating addiction, psychiatric and medical conditions.


We consult with programs across the country seeking to put in place a world class curriculum built on science, backed with evidence, and proven day in and day out. If you are a new or old program looking to put in place an evidenced based curriculum that will help your clients achieve true sobriety, then we have the program you need. Please contact us at or 760-503-4703 to speak with our business leads to customize our program and training plans to meet your specific needs.